I am a writer and I can’t write the story of them or why I love them because it’s private and it’s their story to tell. The only things I can say is I love them and they are all amazing. The images tell the day of their Wedding story. It was our honor to […]

The Reluctant Meditator They pitched it so well I couldn’t wait to start a meditation practice. I was nine, maybe 10. I was raised in San Francisco in the Sunset District in the sixties. We lived with our grandparents on 46th and Travel. They were our parents in word and deed, but not in biology. They […]

Jane’s Boudoir Gift To Rick For Their Wedding We booked a room at the Hotel Diamond in Chico, Ca. We had prepped for this session with a few conversations and her homework assignment. The assignment to send me selfies of her in her outfits. Hair and make-up were booked and we took an hour to capture […]

When I was little I remember my mother and grandmother and all the grown ups telling me how cute I was, what a cute little butt, what cute freckles and cute bucked teeth, cute cute cute…When I was a tween, I remember my friends making fun of how skinny and flat chested I was, how […]