I am a writer and I can’t write the story of them or why I love them because it’s private and it’s their story to tell. The only things I can say is I love them and they are all amazing. The images tell the day of their Wedding story. It was our honor to […]

Disclaimer, this is a memoir piece. The Universe has handed me such exaggerated characters over my lifetime, it would be a complete waste not to include them. Although this is a piece based on reality, some characteristics and names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Some locations may have been changed and […]

Jane’s Boudoir Gift To Rick For Their Wedding We booked a room at the Hotel Diamond in Chico, Ca. We had prepped for this session with a few conversations and her homework assignment. The assignment to send me selfies of her in her outfits. Hair and make-up were booked and we took an hour to capture […]

When I was little I remember my mother and grandmother and all the grown ups telling me how cute I was, what a cute little butt, what cute freckles and cute bucked teeth, cute cute cute…When I was a tween, I remember my friends making fun of how skinny and flat chested I was, how […]