Disclaimer, this is a memoir piece. The Universe has handed me such exaggerated characters over my lifetime, it would be a complete waste not to include them. Although this is a piece based on reality, some characteristics and names have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty. Some locations may have been changed and […]

Jane’s Boudoir Gift To Rick For Their Wedding We booked a room at the Hotel Diamond in Chico, Ca. We had prepped for this session with a few conversations and her homework assignment. The assignment to send me selfies of her in her outfits. Hair and make-up were booked and we took an hour to capture […]

When I was little I remember my mother and grandmother and all the grown ups telling me how cute I was, what a cute little butt, what cute freckles and cute bucked teeth, cute cute cute…When I was a tween, I remember my friends making fun of how skinny and flat chested I was, how […]

When I was 5 years old I was so IN LOVE with Donny Osmond, I had it bad, and was certain we would surely Marry someday. I waited faithfully for Tiger Beat to come in the mail once a month. I had all his posters up. One day I saw a picture of my beloved and […]

  • brad - having been to 34 shows at the gorge, let me say your story brought me tears. I get it. I feel it every single time we are there. usually many times. dmb shows are my most favorite place. and that venue is nothing less than heaven on earth.

    thank you for sharing!

  • Fatima Kenworthy - I always wonder if others feel the same way I do. I have been fortunate enough to see DMB most of my 28 shows at the Gorge. Some of them were with my ex husband. It was like pulling teeth to get him there. He never understood that this was my life blood. It was to me what his elk season was to him. It was my everything. I was always expected to take a back seat to his needs. In 2014 after a few years of not being able to go to the Gorge (since 2008 (another story all together)) I took my daughter who was at the time 18….. We now have fire dancer tattoos that we got at her urging on my 45th birthday. I used to believe after each show that I was complete. That I’d done all I’d needed to do tat the Gorge….. and that I would not come back the next year….. Each year has been something more special than the next. Each song opens me fully…. 2014 felt like the holy grail of everything for me. I left that weekend weeping in fear that it was far too perfect and they’d never return. I was not able to afford 2015. This year coming… their 25th year… I am not sure how I can miss it. My loved ones want to go…. (the littles who were at my feet the first years and her friends) I am HONORED beyond words to share this moment with them…… I am not sure they will fully get it…. but I will share it with them anyway.ReplyCancel