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I approach each wedding as a sacred passage. I am honored to be included. I understand the depth of emotion these promises evoke in the participants and I take my job documenting, one of the most important days your life, seriously.

I am storyteller through voice, image and word. I am skilled as a photographer to bring that aspect of my art to your wedding story. My experience in the editing room has made me strong in creating a memorable storyline. I spent years building books (portfolios) to tell clients personal stories about the models they were interviewing and booking. I focused on emotional range through photography.

I design the wedding coverage to include the special moments, starting early in the day with the bride and groom. My style is a fusion of fashion, fine art and wedding photojournalism (covering tht moments as they unfold). First I seek out emotion then light and I integrate the six elements of design.


By Sadie P. on March 6, 2017

Five Stars

Kim was my wedding photographer back in 2012. Although I already knew Kim and knew of her many talents, when I received the pictures after the wedding they were more amazing then I could have ever imagined. She knows what she is doing and she does it well! She will make your picturing taking experience fun and something you will never forget. She will make you feel comfortable and beautiful which in return brings out the most natural and beautiful pictures! She will work her butt off for you and provide you with pictures that you get to treasure for the rest of your life! I believe Kim is one of the bests and will always recommend her for not only weddings but any type of photography you are looking for! I love her!
Kim is the best in the business

Five Stars

By Melia P. on March 4, 2017

Five StarsI have had the privilege of being in front of Kim’s camera on multiple occasions, first for portraiture and after as the member of a wedding . Kim has the ability to make anyone feel beautiful and at ease in any environment. She is kind, funny, and extremely talented. I will recommend her work over and over again! You are making the best decision for yourself and your event with hiring her.
Kim is amazing!
By Brianna R. on March 4, 2017

Five Stars

We are so glad we chose Kim to photograph our wedding! She took beautiful, creative photos that were exactly what I was hoping for. Kim is incredibly professional while still putting you completely at ease and making you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her!
Amazing person and amazing photographer
By Lauren H. on March 4, 2017

Five Stars

Kim is exactly what you want in a photographer. She talks to you, listens, and guides you through the process to get the most amazing photos. I personally did a boudoir shoot with her and she was amazing. It was a very scary and vulnerable thing for me and Kim knew exactly what to do to make me comfortable and get such amazing pictures. I’m not super comfortable in front of the camera and she talked me through every detail, constant having me adjust my body to get the great shots. She is truly an amazing artist and a beautiful soul. I really got the sense she loves what she does and truly tries to capture the soul in the frame. Since shooting I’ve had a baby so my body definitely doesn’t look the same. I am so glad I had Kim capture that moment in time. Not only do I have fabulous pictures but also the amazing conversations I had with Kim were life lessons. She has such a beautiful soul and she shows that through her photography. I only wish o had hired her for our wedding. You will not regret hiring her for any event!
Simply the best!

Five Stars
By Jessica J. on March 3, 2017

Kim is not just a photographer–she is a visionary, a master, a listener, an actor, a leader, and a valuable member of the team. Yes, she’s all of these at once. We first had Kim photograph our engagement, then our wedding, and then my pregnancy (not to mention some boudoir in between). We are looking forward to family photos to come. Not only does she have an amazing eye for the right frame, but she edits the photos to look flawless and natural. She also takes the time to get to know you and learn what you want to build trust. One of my favorite things to date is the collection of images she put to music on video of our wedding–it tells a story I could not have known being caught up in the day and I cherish it so very much. Her images are breathtaking, she is great to work with, and I could not provide a higher recommendation.
Amazing and Honest

Five Stars
By Casey W. on March 3, 2017

People tend to have grand, unrealistic ideas about their wedding-mainly the cost and time constraints, in my opinion. Any wedding organization resource will tell you to make a top 3 list of what’s most important to you, and spend the majority of your budget on those things. They are right. The photographer was high on my list, pictures are what you have years later when memories are starting to fade. Plus, how often in your life are you wearing an amazing dress and paying to have your hair and makeup done?

I can’t say I shopped around for a photographer, I met Kim a few years before my wedding and felt such an instant rapport and love for her aesthetic I didn’t feel the need to contact anyone else. She will listen to your ideas and give a frank assessment of what’s possible within your budget and timeline. She will graciously handle difficult relatives and intoxicated guests. She will help guide you and your significant other to have natural expressions on your face. Most importantly, she will provide you with amazing photos you can stare at for years to come.

Five Stars
By Jennifer B. on March 3, 2017

Kim has an excellent eye that captures just the right moment. Her photos are truly something special!
Most amazing photographer I’ve worked with!

Five Stars
By Alexei T. on March 3, 2017

Kim was the of the first professional photographers I’ve done a photoshoot with. She made the shoot so comfortable for me and was very understanding that I haven’t had much experience. Her photos always amaze me when I see them no matter the style. She provides me with so much knowledge and never ceases to amaze me with her ideas! I absolutely love Kim as a photographer and as a person. I will continue to work with her as long as I can!

” Kim James is not only a photographer. She is a mother, friend, leader, writer, painter, chef, florist (I could keep going)…. and she is amazing at all of it. Yet her raw ability to see so much life through the lens makes her talent unmatched against any other photographer. It takes someone very gifted to take any ordinary subject and transform it into a hundred beautiful pictures. Kim James has this gift. Not to mention she is smart as a whip and so much fun to work with! ” ~ Ali McNeil singer-songwriter.

Where do I begin. I saw Kim’s work for the first time when I saw my friend Jamie’s wedding photos. Right then I knew I wanted to book her for my wedding. Kim shot our engagement photos first. It was such a nice touch to meet Kim and get comfortable with each other before the wedding day. She is very through in making sure you get all the special shots you want on your “big day”. She is very professional in all aspects of her work. We all (the whole family) fell in love with her. The wedding went flawlessly! Kim’s photos depict her passion. The intimate moments of the very special times in ones life. The images she has taken are priceless and stand the test of time. Captured moments that the camera remembers even after our minds get a bit fuzzy.I have had the privilege of working with Kim on a third occasion, with my horse Grace. I nearly lost my horse when she fell to colic in 08′. She is now fully recovered and Kim shot Grace and I in beautiful Susiun, CA. Those images that depict our bond will remain long after Grace is gone. I look forward to using Kim multiple times in the years to come. Family photos, and possibly maternity may be in the future! I feel very honored to have worked with Kim, and enjoy her photography, she really is quite an Artist!!~Sarah Scholten Brawley

I have known Kim for many years now, as I went to school with her oldest son. When I got married in the summer of 2007 I asked Kim if she would help with the organizing part of my wedding since I already had chosen a photographer. Kim took some pictures anyway because she was just beginning to build her business. I wish now that I had chosen her to do all my wedding pictures as the ones she took were ten times better than the others. Since then Kim has only continued to grow in her creativity. I have used her for family photos and pictures of my little girl. She is such a talented woman and I highly recommend her for any line of photography because she has the capability to adapt to anything! ~ Kelley Tagudin

Hey Kim!
Just got the photos, THANK YOU! They are SO amazing 🙂 I knew they were going to be great but these are beyond amazing, you really have a talent! I can’t wait to show them to Ethan. We will be in Susanville after Christmas, if it works for everyone we should get the Rhodies together 🙂
Thank you again!
Lauren & Ethan Andrews

Hi Kim James,
Zac and I have looked thru all our wedding images last night, they were incredible, money well spent!
Thank you so much for your talent and for your hard work.
We have also checked your blog out – we loved the one you have chosen for your banner(?).
And other images of mine – I must say that I am shy to see myself out there like that but if you think they are the good reference materials of your works of art, i would like to help you that way.
I hope you are doing well and your family as well – I am doing good.
Wish you a warm and happy holiday,

WOW, I saw what you posted today and I’m very impressed.  You managed to capture some very special moments. Thank you so much!
Kim, I’m sure you hear it a lot but my family and friends sure enjoyed you a lot. I myself feel a great connection with you. What can I say, “you’re great”!!
I look forward to the pictures being uploaded and I will get you your info ASAP.
Thanks again,

It’s Ali and Paul’s friend Sharon. You captured both weddings
beautifully and you and your team were great – relaxed, unobtrusive and so warm.
It was fun spending both weekends with you ;).  Thanks! If I hear of others
needing a photographer, I’ll be sure to recommend you with great
enthusiasm. All the best til our paths cross again,

Hi!!!I miss you already!   We couldn’t have been more lucky to have you as our photographer — and now friend.  It was a pleasure working with you and you truly made things as easy as they could be.  You will probably notice that the number of hits to your blog has probably sky-rocketed a bit over the last 24 hrs…

We absolutely love the pics that you have posted and cannot wait to see the rest.  We even said to each other last night that if these were the only pics that we got, we’d be totally happy.  The dozen or so capture so much!

Thank you again!! Alison

Kim,  The photos on your site, are simply incredible!!!!!! I knew you would capture the beauty, feeling, essence of it all – I’ve already shared your site with the employees at my company and they all thought they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mollis – you must be sooooooooooooooooooo excited – wowza!! Can’t wait to see more. You ROCK. xoxoxoxoxo! Susanna Spies

Hi Kim,  I was just looking at some of our photos with Molly. I can not remember if I ever told you how awesome I think your work is. The images are super cool and just a little different than any other wedding images I have viewed. Great job. I am stoked to have these wonderful moments of my life frozen in time. I honestly would love to do it again. John. ps  So thats times 10. I don’t articulate so well!!!!!

I just got the framed picture you gave to us this weekend. It was passed around a bunch and Elenas Mom had it and finally gave it to us this weekend. I really appreciate it! You did the best job ever on our pictures, we get so many compliments on them. I am going to spread the word to anyone I know that needs pictures to get in touch. Hoping Hope you are well and thanks again, you are very generous. Jim McAlpine

Hi Kim,

I received the DVD’s and I have loaded them on my computer.  I haven’t gone through them slowly yet, but from what I have seen, everything is perfect!  Thank you so much.  You have made our special day so memorable, and I can’t wait to have framed photos, and an album…  I think my mom is going to have one of the photos of the cabin printed really big for a frame too, we are all so excited!  I can’t wait to show Bobby, he left for his gold-mining trip last Wednesday, and will be back a week from today…  It’s driving me crazy that he hasn’t seen them yet.  He is going to be so happy!

Whitney Smith
Senior Sales Manager
Benchmark Wine Group


You (and of course your helpers too) did a fabulous job, i never imagined they would turn out this good, i had only hoped and you exceeded my expectations.  i can not thank you enough for capturing this day for chad and i, these pictures will forever live long in my mind and help me remember this day.  i want to go back and soak it all up again.  i so tried my best to take all the advice you and everyone gave me and everything turned out perfect.
look forward to talking with you soon.
Heather Walker (weird)

Thanks for checking, yes! I got the disk yesterday evening when I checked
the PO box on my way to work. Your packaging is so professional and
thoughtful, no detail over looked! I believe that says a lot about who you
are as a photographer. I popped it into my computer late last night when I
returned home from work and it worked great! I don’t have the best way to
view pictures on my computer so we’re going to try it on Danny’s computer
today. Thank you for doing both full size files and web ready files, that is
very helpful. There were many new photos for me to fall in love with and I
can’t wait to review them more in detail with Danny this afternoon! Thank
you again for your professionalism, flexibility and all your help! I so
appreciate your sense of adventure and creative mind.

Kaitlin Bauer

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