Kim James




Emotion, light, movement the keystone of Kim’s work as a painter as a photographer. A member of the very exclusive Fearless Photographers, which accepts less than 5% of the photographers worldwide who apply.

Kim comes from a crazy and eclectic back ground, from the running the streets of San Francisco at 8, and using the whole city as her playground, sneaking into the zoo, the museums, muni,  the Japanese tea garden, Cliff House, Golden Gate Park, and Sunset Beach, to modeling in Elite in New York, Paris and San Francisco, dancing at studio 54, to being MK Fishers bus girl at Wednesday’s lunch at the once infamous Au Rulias, to becoming the youngest model agent scout and booker in the world, managing the new faces of City Model Management. Married, with 5 children, now an artist, photographer, storyteller, homemaker, gardener, dog owner and a huge appetite for knowledge.

The following is the long of it.


Kim was born and raised in San Francisco. At 17 she started her modeling career with Elite New York working as a fashion model. She worked with many photographers in New York, Paris and San Francisco.

While working in Paris, with Elite Paris, she was booked by Oliviero Toscani , (best known for his Benetton ads) for Esprit’s Roman Holiday campaign. She also worked with the great Guy Bourdin in Paris. They ignited her love for the visual arts. Among others, she has been on the pages of French Vogue, French Elle, Seventeen magazine and Glamour magazine. Her time as a fashion model, traveling in Europe, exposed her to the vast landscapes of photography, art and her other favorite thing FOOD.

Back home in San Francisco she went to work for Lisle Taaje at Taaje Models as an agent, which later became City Model Management City model (now City Model Management Inc.). The creative side of her career was model development; part of that process was to match her models up with reputable fashion photographers for their portfolio development. Kim chose her team of photographers from San Francisco’s best. Some of test photographers were Michael Muller, Terry Richardson, Michael Davis, Tony Metaxes, Paul Cruz, David Jay, the Vogue fashion photographer, Cliff Watts, when they were all starting out. Only time would tell that her personal tastes in photography was keen. During that time she began her photography education editing their film for her models, under the supervision of Lisle Taaje and Paul Nelson, both experts in their fields of model and portfolio development. She stayed at City MM for eight years to run the Woman’s side and develop models for the New Faces division. The 10 years she spent in the fashion industry set the foundation for Kim’s visual creative side. She had a lucrative and successful career in the fashion industry, but soon realized the industry didn’t posses the stability she wanted for her children. She frequently flew to New York, Miami, and LA with a nursing baby in tow to meet with a model or client.

It had always been her dream to raise her family in the mountains. That aspiration was met in 1993 after an extensive interviewing process with The Bidwell House Bed and Breakfast in Chester/Lake Almanor. Managing the upscale Inn helped make Kim a seasoned wedding planner and wedding photographer when she filled a niche that was sorely missing in the local market. Kim moved on from The Bidwell House in 2006 to open her own full-time professional photo and art studio.

Kim’s background in fashion editorial has created a photography style that is a mix of fashion editorial and artistic photojournalism. Kim was an editorial model in New York and Paris with Elite. As an agent in San Francisco, she developed model portfolios with an editorial feel. As an artist, she has cultivated her artistic eye to create a calm and enjoyable method encapsulating the spirit of her subject’s essence and beauty. She skillfully directs her subjects to create an emotionally filled portrait.  She brings fashionable style to her photography.




2 semesters of Life drawing classes Lassen College.

3 semesters Fine art watercolor classes Lassen College.

1 semester Feather River College: Art history.

1-semester Drawing classes Feather River College.

2 semesters Watercolor classes Feather River College.

Mendocino Art Center workshop,  Nancy Collin’s Watercolor workshops including color theory three times.

Birgit O’Conner watercolorist workshop.

Arleta Pecks watercolor workshop

Because I am curious and have a ferocious appetite for learning and am the perpetual student, the following is a list of study


  • Graphic Design Made Easy with Canvas with Matt Stevenson
  • Make Your Own Bath & Body Products with Anne-Marie Faiola
  • Essential Storytelling Techniques with Producers from ‘Snap Judgment’ with Anna Sussman, Julia DeWitt
  • How to Pose Family Portraits with Michele Celentano
  • The Art of Nature Photography with Art Wolfe
  • Flawless Vocals: Recording, Editing & Mixing with Kris Crummett
  • Men’s Portrait Photography with Jeff Rojas
  • How To Create Shareworthy Marketing with Sue Bryce
  • Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses with Sue B. Zimmerman
  • Real Estate and Architectural Photography with Mike Kelley
  • Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses with Nathan Latka
  • How to Use a Wacom Tablet with Dave Cross
  • Practical Photoshop Basics with Khara Plicanic
  • Wedding Photography with Marcus Bell
  • Creative Expression in Photography with Joel Grimes
  • Think Like a 10K Wedding Photographer with Scott Robert Lim
  • iPhoneography with Sally Cox
  • What I Wish I’d Known 10 Years Ago with Roberto Valenzuela
  • Weddings: Why To Shoot For You with Sean Flanigan
  • Wedding Day Workflow with Robert Evans
  • Problems into Great Wedding Photos 2 with Ryan Brenizer
  • Problems into Great Wedding Photos 1 with Ryan Brenizer
  • Travel Photography with Andy Katz
  • The Exposure Triangle with Jared Polin
  • The Documentary Portrait with Dan Milnor
  • The Art of Maternity Photography with Ana Brandt
  • Commercial Photography Success with Erik Almas
  • Texture, Dimension, Mood with Cliff Mautner
  • Sports Portraits with Tim Tadder
  • Sports Photography Basics with Kevin Jairaj
  • Glamor Posing Techniques with Lou Freeman
  • Self-Publishing with Blurb with Dan Milnor
  • Same Day Edit with Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams
  • Rock and Roll Photography with Mike Corrado
  • Real Estate Photography with Marc and Tiffany Angeles
  • Posing Family Portraits with Bambi Cantrell
  • Photography’s New Guard: The Rise of the DIY Career with Rob Adams, Michelle Bates and 8 more
  • Photo Week Image Critique with Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell
  • Photo Week Image Critique – Lighting with Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell
  • Photo Week Image Critique – Commercial with Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell
  • Photo Week Image Critique – Portrait with Sue Bryce, Bambi Cantrell
  • Photography Basics: Cameras, Technique, and  Composition with John Greengo
  • Outdoor Photography with Andy Katz
  • Night Photography with Matt Hill
  • Newborn Relationship Posing with Julia Kelleher
  • Modern Glamour Lighting with Lou Freeman
  • Maximizing Your Compact Camera with Lucas Gilman
  • Make GREAT Images With The Gear You’ve Got with Corey Rich
  • Lomography and iPhoneography with Sean Flanigan
  • Photographers Ignite with Kevin Kubota Introduction to Toy Cameras with Michelle Bates
  • High Volume Senior Photography with Matthew The Body Kemmetmueller
  • High Fashion, Low Budget with Elle Muliarchyk
  • Fine Art vs Fashion with Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler
  • Working Alone in Remote Locations
  • Business of Fashion Photography
  • Fashion Lighting Tips with Dixie Dixon
  • Experiential Wedding Photography with Jim Garner
  • Editorial Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani
  • Storytelling & Photojournalism with Deanne Fitzmaurice
  • DIY Light Table with Andrew Scrivani
  • Creative Composition with Susan Stripling
  • Creating Impact in a Dull Space with Brooke Shaden
  • Create the Images You Imagine with Robin Layton
  • Crazy Stupid Wedding Light with Scott Robert Lim
  • Lifestyle & Adventure Photography with Lucas Gilman
  • Basics of Studio Lighting with John Cornicello
  • Basics of Lenses with John Cornicello
  • Anatomy of an Epic Photograph with Benjamin Von Wong
  • 7 Steps to Great Photos with John Greengo
  • Creative Wedding Photography with Susan Stripling
  • Duct Tape Marketing
  • Photoshop for Beginners with Lesa Snider
  • Compositing 101 with Aaron Nace
  • Fine Art Portraits with Brooke Shaden
  • 28 Days of Portrait Photography with Sue Bryce
  • Promote Your Studio with Showreels with Sue Bryce, Hailey Bartholomew
  • The Art of Filmmaking and Editing with Jeff Medford, Ross Hockrow
  • Wedding Cinematography with Rob Adams, Vanessa Joy
  • Inside The Glamour Studio with Sue Bryce
  • Working with Hair and Makeup with Simona Janek, Sue Bryce
  • Photo + Video Fusion with Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams
  • The Ultimate Lightroom 4 Workflow with Jared Platt
  • Canon 5D Mark III Fast Start including Canon DS/5DS… with John Greengo
  • Glamour Photography with Sue Bryce
  • Marketing for Photographers with Skip Cohen
  • Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos
  • Wedding Photography Weekend with Zach and Jody Gray

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